Monday, December 31, 2007

Atkins follows the SouthBeach Diet's Lead

The traditional "high fat, low carb" Atkin's diet is now following the South Beach Diet advice of discriminating against bad fats such as saturated animal fats. The Atkins diet has long been a concern from many intuitionalists and health experts due to the high proportion of bad saturated fats that traditionally lead to heart disease.

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Mary ME said...

I find your statements to be incredibly ignorant. Nothing has changed in the Atkins program. I went on one of his cruises before he died and had the problem of not getting off a platue for the last 60+ days and after he went over what I was doing he pointed out that I had eliminated most of the fat in the program and that was why I was "stuck" The next morning I ate one of my first loves bacon and in 48 hours I dropped 8 lb. He explained that the fat was a necessary part of the program. I promised not to alter his program and I continued to be successful.

It seems to me that the "johnny come latelies" such as South Beach Program just stole Dr Atkin's program, modified a few things and called the diet their own!!! I'm 66 years old and read his $5.00 book at 49 years old finding him to be right on for me and my metabolism. If you lead the way on this program you are in "lala" land